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Give Trump a Chance

Daily, I meet and am forced to interact with people whom I am not so thrilled about. But the ability to compartmentalize our emotions and act with mature restraint and self-control is the mark of adulthood and good citizenship.

For just one example, there is a lot about President Trump that I do not much like. Additionally, I often wonder how temperamentally suited he is for the job.

While he may or may not be terribly misguided in his views, I still find no legitimate doubt he is both sane and loves this country (which has provided him with the opportunity to personally profit so stupendously). He has also undeniably distinguished himself as a very capable executive and businessman with a proven ability to run large multinational organizations and to effectively manage thousands of people.

At times, like many others who support him, I find the man brash, uncouth, often disrespectful toward women and others, and also prone to undignified and troublesome outbursts. But no one is perfect. And I am not his judge, God is.

Furthermore, I also harbor deep reservations about the merging of enormous financial wealth with the power of the presidency. It is evident in all their writings that the founders viewed any such concentration of power as an extremely dangerous situation to be scrupulously avoided. This is why we have checks and balances between the three branches built all throughout our political system.

But there is concurrently a potential upside to having a billionaire as president. It has been argued that someone of such incredible wealth is less able to be bought. And that’s a good thing.

Like it or not, the man is in the position now. For the sake of our country, the left must lick their wounds and finally get over their election defeat. This is no time to dig in, throw tantrums or cling to being sore losers. Let this man get on with the job, because to not do so paralyzes the important work of government and the progress of our entire nation.

Only a few months ago, CNN reported that President Jimmy Carter said that, although he too was diametrically opposed to many of President Trump’s views, he was still nonetheless willing to give the man a chance. For the sake of our entire country, every Democrat should strive to do the same.

Trump should be given every chance to succeed, regardless of how we personally feel about him. Why? Because at bottom this is not about Trump—it’s about America!