October 10, 2018

Display the Flag Correctly

Note, the American flag is always displayed with the stars in the upper left corner. This is the case whether the flag is displayed vertically or horizontally. Your Sept. 12 cover (of a collage by Drék Davis) has it backwards. This note should not be interpreted to mean you should not include our flag on your cover, just please display it properly.

Additionally, if the flag is displayed at night, it must be lighted, and the flag should be taken in during rain or similar inclement weather. If the flag becomes ragged from use, it should be replaced and disposed of properly. (Many scouting organizations, VFW posts and American Legion posts have disposal ceremonies.)

I am pleased to see our nation’s flag displayed, but it is important that it be done so properly and with respect. I am aware that some people use the flag in a form of protest. As a veteran, I know that most of my fellow veterans are people of color. I also know the pride with which we all serve our country and flag.