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Voters Have a Choice, and the Right One Is Stacey Abrams

The voters of Georgia have a rare day ahead at the midterm elections. This time, they have a real choice—not even close to the typical toss-up between Tweedle Dee and the Dum one opposite him.

Voters in the governor’s race get to choose between daylight and darkness. The light they can choose radiates from the brown skin of a woman who plants her policy positions in the firm ground of reason and experience, rather than conjuring them, as does her opponent, from the spook laden night-fears that will finally fail to float his leaky, rudderless boat.

Stacey Abrams, both by the color of her skin and the content of her character, far outshines her pale opponent, who runs for the party of closed-door meetings and dimly lit backroom deals.

Abrams demonstrates concern for all Georgia citizens. She supports growing, not decimating, the rolls of voters, whose voices should signal state leaders on turns their policies should take.

Abrams brings a creative approach to her every endeavor, while the other one only knows the old game called “monkey see, monkey do.”

Abrams, a published author, knows how to use words to encourage positive change. Her opponent prefers threats issued at gunpoint to keep everything the same. Abrams is broadly educated and accomplished, so much more than Kemp, a hometown good ol’ boy who has mainly toiled in the cushy, collared-shirt country-club vineyards of his birthplace.

Be thankful, voters. Such low-hanging fruit rarely offers itself for easy picking. Not only out here in the rolling hills of this rural county, but also across all of the great state of Georgia, Abrams stands out as the better selection.