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Tom Crawford Is Wrong About David Perdue

I disagree with Tom Crawford’s recent column (Georgia Report, Oct. 25), and I’m very glad to see Republicans get one step closer to fixing our tax code. I know my family and many other Georgia families would like to have more of their money to spend or invest as they see fit—not how the federal government sees fit.

The “budget” Sens. Perdue and Isakson voted for last week isn’t even really a budget at all. Congress hasn’t abided by a budget for years. That’s one of the things Sen. Perdue has been calling out. All this “budget” did was set in motion tax reform, since Democrats refuse to partner with Republicans to change the tax code.

As someone who has been active in the tea party and grassroots movement since the beginning, I know a big-spending Republican when I see one. David Perdue is not that. He’s a serious, committed conservative who’s doing all he can to give us all a tax break and stop Washington’s ridiculous spending habits. You won’t find someone more committed to the cause than him, and I’m proud Georgia has him in the United States Senate.

Seaver is President & Chairman of GA Grassroots Coalition; Former GA Grassroots Coordinator, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and Co-Founder of the Savannah TEA Party.