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Former Commissioner Carl Jordan Endorses Melissa Link

Melissa is the right person for Athens-Clarke County commissioner—informed, diligent, principled, energetic, experienced in politics and passionate about public

issues. She is running for the right reason—to serve the public interest, not just the bureaucrats and establishment elite.

In fact, I compare Melissa to myself when I first ran for commissioner as a disruptive gadfly who had just sued the ACC government over a zoning issue and the Clarke County Board of Education over a Georgia Environmental Policy Act violation in consecutive years. Even Flagpole and Pete McCommons were equivocal about my suitability, labeling me “edgy;” the Banner-Herald endorsed the 14-year establishment incumbent to whom I was a combative “hippie,” and to most I was unelectable.

But to those who took the time to know me, they understood my sincerity and commitment to hard work and public service. That is the opportunity I hope the District 3 electorate will grant Melissa, much to the betterment of Athens. We desperately need the initiative, intelligence and independence she will bring to the ACC Commission.