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Letter to the Editor

Whoa, whoa, WHOA! While I appreciate the publicity, to be sure, the piece about the dance night I am doing at Club 346 (Flagpole v. 18, #34, p. 34) seems to imply that I have some kind of grudge match going against a particular downtown establishment, which could not be further from the truth. Not to mention that the quotes attributed to me in the piece were from a private email that I did not clear for publication and were taken out of context to further (I think) someone else’s agenda.

The only agenda I have is to spin good music for people to dance to, and to promote the idea that you can still party and finish your degree with decent grades.

Clubs don’t make people adopt self-destructive lifestyles. People do just fine adopting them on their own. You can get into heaps of trouble in your own living room without ever going anywhere.

Also, just for clarification’s sake, we have moved our night to Tuesdays.

Thanks for your time.

David Ferguson