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Letter to the Editor

Dear Mr. Michael Vaughn: I read your second letter [Letters, Dec. 15] and I cannot decide if you keep missing the point or if I do. I imagine that there were many people this year who, like yourself, voted for Bush because you believed that he is against abortion. I suspect that Bush could care less. After all, as pointed out by Ms. Greathouse [Letters, Dec. 8], the number of abortions has gone up during the Bush Administration because of increasing poverty. In every definable way, Bush is about as anti-life as one could get. I even wonder sometimes if he is really a Christian. After all, the only way for a politician to nullify a sordid past is to be “born-again.” In the end, though, you are right: to satisfy his evangelical base, Bush will push anti-abortion legislation. I wonder, though, if this would really stop people from getting abortions. I imagine that they would simply continue having them illegally (and, of course, more dangerously) or across the border. More importantly, would it ever really be possible for him to stop? At least half of the country is pro-choice. (Notice the difference: pro-choice, not pro-abortion.) I suspect that abortion will not be illegal in the United States in your lifetime. In contrast, all of the other bad effects of the Bush presidency are occurring right now and will plague us all and our children for a long time to come. I wish that people like you could see that you are simply pawns. That the Karl Roves of the world will always be able to use issues like abortion or gay marriage to get themselves in the White House where they can work full-time promoting the plutocracy. I am glad that you prayed for all of those women who have had abortions and wished us all a wonderful life. I think that you should realize, however, that your vote against abortion is not going to reduce abortion. It is, however, going to help destroy the environment and promote war. Perhaps you should pray for all of those dead Iraqi civilians. Better yet, you should probably pray for yourself.

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