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Actor Tituss Burgess Shames ‘Shady’ Georgia and UGA


Athens native Tituss Burgess, star of Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” had some harsh words for his home state during an appearance on “The Late Show” Friday.

The Emmy-nominated actor, who graduated from Cedar Shoals High School and the University of Georgia, told host Stephen Colbert that he wants to give a commencement speech at UGA. The hypothetical speech, he said, would take aim at student apathy and the “religious liberty” bill passed by the state legislature but vetoed by Gov. Nathan Deal last month. He gave Colbert’s audience a preview:

Dear graduates of 20-whatever year it is I come down there. You just graduated from a shady school that has the name of a shady state that tried to pass a shady law. I think you need to come out of the bars and go and vote in these primaries and these elections and get these terrorists out of office, because you are literally—your inactivity, your inability to protect human beings is killing us. So, put Beyonce on pause, as devastating as that would be, and march into these primaries and help save our country. That’s what I would say.

Yeah… I have a feeling Burgess isn’t going to be invited to give that speech anytime soon.

This May’s commencement speaker is soon-to-be-Dr. Ryan Seacrest, and I have a feeling he won’t be giving that speech, either.