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A Republican Congressman Thinks the Federal Government Did Something Good for Once

Doug Collins is a Republican from Gainesville who represents part of Athens in Congress. He issued the following statement on the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act:

“As the father of a daughter who uses a wheelchair, I am thankful for the ADA changes that have made life easier for her and our family. We live in a country where everyone is invited to participate freely in community life, regardless of their abilities. Young people living with handicaps today have grown up in a more accessible world than their parents knew, because of the strides made with the ADA. Everyone deserves an equal chance to live their best life, and because of this law, a better life has been made attainable for so many people.”

How refreshing in an era where most Republicans want to dismantle pretty much the entire federal government. For a Republican to defend any regulation that doesn’t limit abortion, immigration or who can marry whom qualifies as courageous these days.

Too bad he represents one of the most conservative districts in the country, so he’ll probably get a primary challenge over this.