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Commissioners Move to Loosen Growler Rules

Under a new state law, Athens’ Copper Creek brewpub will be able to sell beer to go in growlers—and any other packaged beer or wine, if it gets a separate package license, ACC’s attorney has confirmed.

It will need a few tweaks to local ordinances, Bill Berryman told commissioners on the Legislative Review Committee (which considers new ordinances), but the Georgia Department of Revenue says there’s no reason brewpubs can’t hold both types of alcohol licenses. (A package store must still be at least 300 feet from any school or college, but that does not appear to be a conflict for Copper Creek.)

“There’s only one brewpub here” as defined under state law, Berryman told Flagpole. A brewpub cannot distribute beer to retailers, as a brewery like Terrapin Beer Co. does. Unlike breweries, they can sell beer on-site, but that beer must be consumed on the premises.

Berryman proposed clarifying ACC’s alcohol ordinance to avoid any conflict with state ordinances; commissioners could vote on the modified ordinance in July. Then, “Copper Creek can simply apply for a Class B license—a package license—and can then sell growlers, and I guess other kinds of package beer or wine,” he said.