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Qurious: Void Vanishing

Void Vanishing is the perfect title for Qurious’ new album. The record allows the listener to float upon a sea of melodies and whispery voices, slowly becoming lost in the void. It is an enchanting mix of songs with steady, calming beats that roll under the cherub-like vocals of Catherine Quesenberry.

The minimalist backing is surprising, since it comes from known hip-hop producer Mike Netland. Here, he provides none of the flair that populates most hip-hop tracks; rather, his work accentuates the album’s otherworldly feeling. It’s an essential blend of pull and push that allows the vocals to peak softly with the ebb of the synth.

Void Vanishing presents layers of sonic fusion, an endless chamber of swelling notes that flow beneath shimmery samples. This collaboration breaks down the walls of traditional music, allowing the songs to slowly amass to a unique final product. There’s no rush here, as the music lazes its way through the unknown expanses of space and time.

Qurious plays at the 40 Watt on Thursday, Nov. 29 as part of Holidaze.