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10 Athens Punk Bands You Should Know

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Athens’ punk community is in a constant state of metamorphosis. With DIY spaces appearing and then disappearing and new bands popping up seemingly every week, it can be a challenge to keep up. Though groups like Muuy Biien, Shehehe, Burns Like Fire, Nihilist Cheerleader and Deep State have received deserved recognition from local press and the listening public, other essential punk and hardcore acts have gone largely unrecognized. Here’s a guide to some of the more underrated and underreported bands you may see on fliers around town.


Members: Jason Griffin, Reeth Dasgupta, Oliver Vitale, Brandon Page
File Under: Thrash

The latest project from Athens punk gatekeeper Griffin, Apparition is loud, fast and fucked up. Its live show is an up-close-and-personal affair, as vocalist Vitale climbs down from the stage and integrates himself with the crowd. Though it was previously only available on tape, the band recently posted its debut demo online. Check your volume before you click play. [Nathan Kerce]


Members: Lenny Miller, Chris Ingham, Oliver Vitale, Jason Thinh
File Under: Pop-punk

A split single featuring energetic local band Cuddlefish and Niagara Falls’ Burning Spring was released by Dead Broke Records in June, and it’s truly killer, featuring the best of the relatively new Athens group’s earnest lyrics and pop-punk sound. [Frances Newton]

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Cuddlefish / Burning Spring Split by Cuddlefish</a>


Members: Gavin Perez-Canto, Brian Perez-Canto, Aaron Hubbard, Oliver Vitale
File Under: Anti-hardcore, belligerent punk

Brian Perez-Canto, of Star Rats Records, and Gavin Perez-Canto, of Atlanta band Jock Gang, are brothers, but Hubbard and Vitale also fit right in; the group delivers an energized, angry live show like a punk-rock family. [FN]


Members: Ian Hemerlein, Kody Blackmon, Alec Peyton
File Under: Experimental, noise

Kwazymoto is truly organic. Its 2016 album On Mount Rennie is a transcendent effort, utilizing a variety of punk, noise and psych elements. Kwazymoto’s brand of punk may not have wide appeal, but for listeners who want something unprocessed, unsafe and unpredictable, it’s glorious. [NK]


Members: Josh McIntyre, Sasha Schilbrack-Cole, Daniel DeSimone, Will Turner
File Under: Hardcore, black metal

Malevich’s hardcore-infused sound is impactful and memorable, recalling the pioneering releases of the Georgia sludge-metal scene from which the band takes clear inspiration. Its 2016 album Only the Flies showcases the vision and execution of a group in its prime. [NK]

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Only the Flies by Malevich</a>

Multiple Miggs

Members: Chris, Kyle, Shannon
File Under: Thrashcore, skate punk

Multiple Miggs inspire rage with their frenetic, 45-second thrashers, where nonchalant skater attitudes juxtapose with in-your-face hardcore music. The band’s shows are aggressive dream worlds where fine art gets smashed, people get thrown, and everyone leaves with a sense of you-had-to-be-there camaraderie. [FN]


Members: Zach Broe, Frances Newton, Conor Lacey, Connor Trotter
File Under: Indie rock, post-punk

Pansy’s two-minute ragers are filled with funny and biting commentary on relationships, toxic masculinity and unfair societal expectations. The band’s self-titled EP is a decent taste of its charming, rough-around-the-edges sound, but its hyperactive live show is where it truly shines. [NK]


Members: Anna Staddon, Terence Chiyezhan, Hale Woods, Tommy Weigle, Mikey Heptinstall
File Under: Experimental, shoegaze

Saline has often felt like it was in flux, but its current lineup, featuring Staddon on vocals, is its best incarnation yet. The group’s shoegaze-adjacent sound masks an ear for melody. Though the band hasn’t released much music—fans of Chiyezhan’s hip-hop project murk daddy flex know he is notoriously meticulous—the best way to catch Saline is live. [NK]


Members: Owen Hunt, Tommy Weigle, Hale Johnson
File Under: Slacker, garage-rock

Swamp’s sincere, poetic lyrics are derived from mostly-true stories of love, grandparents, horses, innocence and environmental degradation. The band’s repetitive post-punk instrumentation serves as a backdrop to its irregular, passionate sing-shouting, making its live show an emotional and endearing experience. [FN]  

<a href=”” mce_href=””>Funereal Tymes by Swamp</a>

Under a Sky So Blue

Members: Aaron Hubbard, Will Turner, Oliver Vitale
File Under: Screamo, emoviolence

A hardcore band with a progressive heart is not a new concept, but UASSB executes it with poise and honesty. Some may bristle at the group’s wall of noise, but its genuine nature shines through. The group re-emerged earlier this year with one of the best local albums of 2017 so far, The Spectacle Provides. [NK]