Flagpole Premieres: Hunger Anthem, ‘Remedy’ Video

Athens power-pop-punk trio Hunger Anthem has been quiet, release-wise, since dropping 2015’s Cut the Chord EP, a five-song slice of hook-laden rock that “bursts with urgency and is packed with jaw-droppingly great tunefulness,” per Flagpole scribe Gordon Lamb.

But the band has been busy on the performance front, appearing frequently on local stages and building buzz around the Southeast thanks to a steady touring schedule and incendiary live show. It’s set to play Gainesville, FL, punk throwdown The Fest on Nov. 2, along with pre-festival shows in Atlanta and St. Augustine. First, the group will hit the Caledonia Lounge this Saturday, Oct. 26, as part of the club’s post-Wild Rumpus party.

With a new full-length reportedly in the works, Hunger Anthem is breaking its four-year recorded silence with a sharp new single, “Remedy,” recorded at Espresso Machine with Mike Albanese and mastered by Joel Hatstat. Today, we’re happy to premiere the song and its accompanying video, directed by Lucy Calhoun.

“Remedy” finds the group in vice-tight form, with bassist-vocalist Margo Fortune and drummer Cameron Kelly laying down a driving backdrop for guitarist and singer Brendan Vaganek’s poetic punk reflections. “I burn and singe till I fall down/ Onto this consecrated ground/ Remedy beckoning,” Vaganek yelps on the fist-pumping chorus.

Says Vaganek:

We had a great time shooting the video with Lucy around town and in the neighborhood. Athens has so many spots with such unique visual history and character, as well as places that hold memories for a lot of people. The song in part is about memories that linger, about trying to move on, and searching inside and out for the means necessary to do so.

Check it out, why don’t ya?