Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz’s Favorite Local Shows

When he’s not commissioning, you can often catch newly inaugurated Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Girtz at a concert. As part of a recent Q&A, we asked hizzoner to talk about a few of his favorite local bands and shows.

Neighbor Lady: “I’ve seen them twice in the last year. I really like them a bunch.”

Patti Smith: “That was transcendent. I felt like I was floating off the floor.”

Circulatory System: “Outdoors, on the patio at Farm [255], that’s now the Korean barbecue, around ’09 or ’10. Man, that was fabulous.”

Kelly Hogan: “At the High Hat blues club that Tony Eubanks used to co-own. So strong. She played ‘Everybody’s Talkin’’ and just nailed it.”

Vic Chesnutt: “The very last Vic Chesnutt show in Athens, with Godspeed You! Black Emperor folks and Guy [Picciotto] from Fugazi playing with him.”

The Replacements: “There was a Replacements cover night a few weeks ago. You could tell everybody just rehearsed the songs that afternoon. Bryan Howard and The HEAP did a set with horns. I love the Replacements in a way that goes beyond music you like. It’s more of a kinship or a familial tie.”