Live Review: Moon Taxi and Magic City Hippies at Georgia Theatre

Photo Credit: Jessie Goodson

Magic City Hippies

Normally when I review concerts, it’s an artist I don’t know a whole lot about, and I sort of observe from the outside. This time, I was smack-dab in the middle of the crowd, because I’m a big fan of both groups who took the Georgia Theatre stage Thursday. Even better, I got to meet the bands—and it was my birthday. 

There were many friendly faces in the packed venue, along with a few contemplative bystanders and a surprising amount of Chads. It was a diverse crowd, and personally, I think that makes for the best kind of concert. I probably didn’t have much in common with many of the folks around me, but we sang and danced together because we were able to relate through the music. If the artist doesn’t have just one type of listener, they’re doing their job right. 

Joining Nashville-based headliner Moon Taxi was Miami’s Magic City Hippies and Nashville funk-rock band Luthi. On Thursday, Luthi played a rooftop set and Magic City Hippies opened on the main stage; on Friday, they switched. I chose the first night because I wanted to see Magic City Hippies on the big stage, and boy, am I glad I did. 


Photo Credit: Jessie Goodson

Magic City Hippies

Led by guitarist/vocalist Robby Hunter, the Florida five-piece hit the stage with their incredibly unique sound. The band perfectly intertwines funk and reggae-esque sounds with a taste of pop and and just enough autotuned effects to set it apart from any other indie-rock band. 

Magic City Hippies played some of their newer songs, like “Franny” and “Body Like A Weapon,” and others from their 2015 EP, including my personal favorite, “Limestone.” Band members’ onstage relationships made me enjoy the show even more, and after spending time with them offstage, their love for what they do is clear. 

Moon Taxi filled the room with their sweet indie-dream-rock sounds. Playing songs from their newest album, Let the Record Play, as well as older crowd favorites like “Morocco” and “All Day All Night,” the five-piece outfit delivered an incredible high-energy set. Packed shoulder-to-shoulder, the pit was a mob of happy people bouncing up and down while singing every word. It was truly a sight to behold. 


Photo Credit: Jessie Goodson

Moon Taxi

Lead vocalist and guitarist Trevor Terndrup has the kind of style, personally and musically, that just makes you want to watch him. Whether he’s jumping up and down or shredding guitar solos, the audience was engaged the entire time.