Widespread Panic to Play Classic Center Feb. 9–10

Though Athens-born jam-band juggernaut Widespread Panic continues to tour nearly constantly and regularly hosts a two-night New Year’s Eve stand in Atlanta, the group rarely plays its hometown. Since the (in)famous Panic in the Streets concert in 1998, which brought nearly 100,000 people to downtown, Panic has only played Athens a handful of times—most recently in 2011, when it headlined the newly renovated Georgia Theatre.

Today, the Classic Center announced that Widespread Panic will return to town to play two nights at its Classic Center Theatre: Tuesday and Wednesday, Feb. 9–10, 2016. Tickets will go on sale Friday, Dec. 4. Tickets for each night are $55, and the shows are being billed as “a food drive event.”

Just for kicks, check out a clip of Panic’s Dave Schools chatting with reporters, including former Flagpole music editor T. Ballard Lesemann, in advance of the Panic in the Streets show: