Win Tickets: Blackalicious Plays Melting Point Wednesday

UPDATE: We’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away for this show. To enter, comment below with why YOU deserve to go for free. We’ll choose two winners Tuesday at 4:30 p.m.

Veteran hip hop duo Blackalicious swings through Athens for a show at the Melting Point Wednesday. Below, check out five of Flagpole‘s favorite Gift of Gab verses:

“Artificial amateurs aren’t at all amazing/ Analytically, I assault, animate things/ Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat/ Buildings are broken, basically I’m bombarding/ Casually create catastrophes, casualties/ Canceling cats, got their canopies collapsing/ Detonate a dime of dank daily doin’ dough/ Demonstrations, Don Dada on the down low”

—”Alphabet Aerobics” (A2G, 1999)

“Schizophrenic, you’re panicked, running from my epilogue/ Rap is like an insect crushed that I be steppin’ on/ Lethal weapon armed, deafen all y’all heads/ Up to the point of where you’re nervous, smoking Pall Mall reds/ I’m coming at ya, busting at ya like a sawed off bit/ You feel the horror of the slaughter/ Then you’re hauled off wrecked”

—”Trouble (Eve of Destruction)” (Nia, 2000)

“Free: like a bird out in the wind in the night/ Like a 747 to L.A. that’s in flight/ Free: like a garden flourishing in the wind/ Like a student bout to do it when he’s graduatin’/ Free: from any of the energy perception/ Can never be defined create the definition within/ Free: just lovin’ life itself and never pretend to be/ Anything other than the man I was meant to be/ Travel through time and get a glimpse of the centuries”

—”First in Flight” (Blazing Arrow, 2002)

“Leave your city burnin’ like Gamera/ Stamina, blaze up your space, plus I got it on camera/ And I’m a animal, animator landin’ a blow/ Cleaning clocks, nothing left for the janitor/ Punching through your granite, a goodwill ambassador/ From another planet, I could kill and smash ya up/ And it won’t stop, and I can’t stop/ Can erupt and it does/ Had enough, amateur?”

—”Paragraph President” (Blazing Arrow, 2002)

“Vision but no division is vivid we livin’ inside/ Vicious vindictive and mental prisons from within the mind/ I sit and find stillness from minutes is written the rhyme/ Getting’ you smitten with it, particularly if you’re a prime/ Listener, listen up, twist it up like the lyrics was lime/ Vintage is instant, so give it up when you hear it recited/ Recite it at attention, relivin’ tension and bendin’ your spine/ Sendin’ you signals to get your internal system aligned”

—”My Pen and Pad” (The Craft, 2005)


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