Flagpole Premieres!: Four Eyes, ‘Our Insides’ Video

Four Eyes, the Athens-based indie-pop project helmed by songwriter Erin Lovett, is gearing up to release a new album, Our Insides, which it will celebrate with a show at Flicker on Friday. The full-band record finds Lovett and company in excellent form, a leap forward from the group’s twee-folk beginnings.

Prior to the album’s release, we’re happy to premiere the gorgeously constructed music video for Our Insides‘ singalong title track. Watch it below.

Says Lovett:

“Our Insides” is basically my ode to shitty food service jobs. I like to think that it ends on an optimistic note, but it’s more or less about having your dreams crushed by your day job. The video was conceived, shot and edited by Matthew MacCarthy, who I met (coincidentally) at the restaurant where I work. We decided to go for a very literal take on the song, with a little whimsy thanks to Matthew’s wife, Kristen Ashley, who designed the beautiful set you see in the dancing scene, and organized the extras. She and Katie Andrew choreographed the dancers together. And some of the dancers are UGA Red Hotz! They provided additional choreography.