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Flagpole Premieres: Joe Orr, “We Stuff”

Athens power-pop recording artist Joe Orr has just shared a new music video for “We Stuff,” a song off of an upcoming album entitled Very Much Alive. Filmed by Anthony and Kamell Brasher of Brasher Media, the music video takes advantage of several visually interesting Athens locations. After waking up dazed and confused in a downtown Athens Mural Alley, Orr stumbles through the “Rainbow Forest” public art installation on the Greenway before finding himself on stage at Rabbit Hole Studios.

“Ever found yourself in a conversation where the other person keeps saying ‘we’ as if you are both in full agreement with all the crazy things they keep ranting on about?” asks Orr. “That’s the basic idea of the song ‘We Stuff.’”

“We Stuff” is indicative of the catchy, guitar-driven melodic rock and roll that Orr has become known for.

“Listening to Very Much Alive is like listening to a stack of records your brother stole from a party he went to the night before–alluring, patently illicit, a bit of a mixed bag stylistically–and something in there is probably going to get its hooks in you, especially if you like classic ’70s, ‘80s and ‘90s hard rock,” says Orr. 

Very Much Alive will be released on Dec. 2 by Arfus Records, a new label spearheaded by local composer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Steck. The album will be available digitally and on CD, and listeners should stay tuned to Orr’s Bandcamp page.