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Flagpole Premieres: Blesstheplaya, “Wicked Pt. 2”

Local hip-hop artist, singer and producer Dustin White—who goes by the stage name Blesstheplaya and is part of The YOD collective—releases the video for his single “Wicked Pt. 2” today. The song went live on all major streaming platforms just over a month ago, and it stands alone from any current or upcoming projects. It’s just riding its own vibe.

“Wicked Pt. 2” falls into the smooth, atmospheric side of White’s catalog, which is starkly different from his hard-hitting, bar-driven raps. There’s no in between, he says.

“I want to keep it simple to some extent, therefore that’s where I think the direction is—just honesty in curation. What people can appreciate and understand,” says White.

Keeping it simple, and in line with the artist’s past content, was the video’s goal. The video takes place in a single location and mostly within a living room, although there are quick cuts to the kitchen. Relying on effects to do the heavy lifting in the video, there’s a restless yet lethargic energy that ties the song and visuals together.

Videographer Garrett Boyd, of Golden Souls Brigade, who prefers the moniker Goodie, makes an appearance in the background of the video, suiting the overall environment of a slow night at home. Boyd is also a member of The YOD, as well as Brice Anthony whose clothing brand is referenced by White’s shirt in the video. Even though the single is under White as a solo artist, there’s always a presence of the collective.

“I’m grateful for Goodie’s involvement because as simple as the video was, I trust in him to make something out of nothing at times. I felt there weren’t enough scenes when we initially sat down with the footage, but in the end, it was exactly what I hoped for,” says White.