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Just Getting Started Review

Many flaws plague this bland old-fogey comedy that cannot even be slightly saved by its three charismatic leads—Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones and Rene Russo. Jones’ irascible appeal is unexpectedly weak, and this is an Oscar winner who made the U.S. Marshal-at-a-sorority-house flick Man of the House supremely watchable. No such luck with Just Getting Started

Freeman is Duke, the BMOC for a California retirement community. He is the No. 1 stud in the bedroom (because old-people-still-like-sex jokes are très 2017)—just ask his three lady friends (one of whom is played by the late, great Glenne Headly)—at the poker table and on the golf course, until Jones’ cowboy, Leo, shows up. 

I am shocked Ron Shelton (the dual sport classics Bull Durham and Tin Cup) was not merely a director-for-hire on this hackneyed flick; he wrote this stale holiday mob-edy, too! Even undiscriminating fans of Freeman and Jones will be unable to make excuses for this flick.