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The Conjuring 2 Review

Horror sequels are notoriously bad. Typically, they are quick cash grabs rehashing the best moments of the original without adding anything new to the property. While The Conjuring 2 certainly repurposes the narrative parts of its predecessor—haunted house, children in danger, possession—this sequel uses them in fresh-enough ways and foregoes the lazy route of recycled scares (i.e. no handclaps or Annabelle). Recounting one of the most documented paranormal events ever (or so the movie claims), The Conjuring 2 sends Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) to England to investigate the claims of the Hodgson clan. 

After box office hits like The Conjuring and Furious 7, James Wan has finally become known as more than the director of Saw. Again, he proves a master at guiding the eye around a dark frame and providing scares that are earned without relying upon cheap tactics like gore or surprise. True terror infuses the nights in the Enfield house. Working again with the Hayes twins (rather than longtime collaborator Leigh Whannell) provides Wan with a strong narrative and character frame upon which to build his latest haunted house. The terrified screams say it all.