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Surprisingly, DreamWorks’ latest animated feature is one of the more painful recent kids movies through which an adult could suffer. Granted, fans of “The Big Bang Theory” (and Emmy voters) might appreciate Jim Parsons’ quirky shtick as he brings Sheldon to the big screen as Oh, a mistake-prone member of the Boov species.

The Boov are natural cowards, and they have decided to invade Earth for their latest hideout from the Gorg (think “TNG”’s Borg, but spikier). Good thing Oh befriends Gratuity “Tip” Tucci (v. Rihanna), who is looking for her mom (v. Jennifer Lopez). The duo plus Tip’s cat, Pig, traverse the globe from NYC to Paris to Australia, as they run from lead Boov Captain Smek (v. Steve Martin), and Oh’s not-quite pal, Kyle (v. Matt Jones, Badger from “Breaking Bad”).

When the movie’s not an impromptu Rihanna music video (the star’s songs litter the soundtrack), it relies on cute animation and predictable obstacles. Astute moviegoers will name this movie’s plot in one note. In its defense, the kids seemed to love it.