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Southern Brewing Co. is contract brewing with JailHouse in Hampton, so its beer could be available in stores as soon as next month. Its Nowhere Road Brewery will open in July, at the earliest. Creature Comforts, the craft brewery in the old Snow Tire space downtown, is nearing completion, and its beers could also be available in March. Charlottesville, VA-based Starr Hill Brewery is expanding into Georgia, first with draft beers, then bottles in a couple of months.

Looking for something harder? American Born Moonshine is having a launch party Wednesday, Mar. 5 at Bar South. The company offers original, apple pie and “dixie” flavors. According to its website, “American Born is not a white whiskey by the modern definition. The addition of cane sugar adds nuances of flavor to the corn, which can taste kind of flabby and well, corny, without something to smooth out the finish of the drink. The resulting ‘cane and grain’ spirit is called American Born Moonshine Original, a 103 proof product that can be sipped directly from the jar if you’re brave, or mixed with soda and/or lemonade or grapefruit juice if you’re not.”