Athens Favorites 2016

The Flagpole Athens Favorites Contest happened again! Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and runners up, who were chosen by the votes of Flagpole readers. These selected businesses are the superheroes of Athens, saving our fair city from mediocrity. Many are super supporters of Flagpole too. So, thanks to our advertisers.

And a special thanks to our super employees who made this issue possible. Captain Flagpole and Favorites Lad could only be created by the skilled hands of Larry Tenner, who also did the layout and design for the Favorites section. Kelly Hart made the ads, created the awards and the online presence. Anita Aubrey, Jessica Mangum and Carey McLaughlin are the superheroes of the Flagpole advertising department. A special thanks to the photographers of ZoomWorks for great photos and for always playing along with our shenanigans.