March 2, 2016

Favorite Pets & Kids 2016

Vet Clinic

Winner: Hope Animal Medical Center

1150 Mitchell Bridge Rd. · 706-546-7879

Taking care of Wonder Dogs and Super Cats since 1999, Hope is voted Athens’ Favorite Vet Clinic for a second time.

Runner Up: Boulevard Animal Hospital

298 Prince Ave. · 706-425-5099

Pet Groomer

Winner: The Dawg House Grooming and Gifts

2095 Milledge Ave. · 706-355-9911

Holy standard poodle! Get your pooch a new super duper style by the three-time winner in this category.

Runner Up: Pawtropolis

130 Whitetail Way · 706-227-7887

Place to take Kids on a Rainy Day

Winner: Rush

10 Huntington Rd. · 706-548-4470

The power of flying feels real at Rush! They are the new Favorite Place to take Kids on a Rainy Day for 2016.

Runner Up: The Rook and Pawn

294 W. Washington St. · 706-543-5040

Kids’ Classes: Movement

Winner: Canopy Studio

160 Tracy St. · 706-549-8501

Kids can swing like Spiderman and learn balance like Catwoman, all while having the time of their lives! Canopy is a favorite for kids for a fourth year.

Runner Up: Dance FX

396 Foundry St. · 706-355-3078

Kids’ Classes: Creative

Winner: Treehouse Kid and Craft

815 W. Broad St. · 706-850-8226

Turning kids into super crafters, armed with paint, yarn, glue and their imagination, this is what earns Treehouse their sixth award for Favorite Kids’ Classes: Creative.

Runner Up: Good Dirt

485 Macon Hwy. · 706-355-3161