February 27, 2013

Favorite Pets and Kids 2013

Vet Clinic

WINNER: Boulevard Animal Hospital

298 Prince Ave. · 706-425-5099

A block off Boulevard, actually, but still a close-in, downtown, neighborhood vet, the one with the big metal animals in the front yard and lots o' love for your pets.

RUNNER UP: Hope Animal Medical Center

1150 Mitchell Bridge Rd. · 706-546-7879

Place to Take a Pet

WINNER: Memorial Dog Park

298 Gran Ellen Dr. · 706-613-3580

Just say, "Memorial Park," and you'll start tails wagging; friends will come up to you with leashes in their mouths and smiles on their faces.

RUNNER UP: Sandy Creek Dog Park

400 Bob Holman Rd. · 706-613-3631

Place to Go with Kids

WINNER: Memorial Park and Bear Hollow

293 Gran Ellen Dr. · 706-613-3580

Kids love Memorial Park as much as dogs love it, and for good reason. It's in-town, it's outside, it's familiar but always different, changing with the seasons. Parents love it, too.

RUNNER UP: Sandy Creek Nature Center

205 Old Commerce Rd. · 706-613-3615

Kids' Classes: Movement

WINNER: Canopy Studio

160 Tracy St. · 706-549-8501

Canopy is a wonderland for the kind of healthful, purposeful play that kids love, as if some giant had strung up a bunch of swings and ropes just for kids (and the kids in all of us).


1260 S. Milledge Ave. · 706-355-3078

Kids' Classes: Creative

WINNER: Treehouse Kid and Craft

815 W. Broad St. · 706-850-8226

"Creative" and "class" define Treehouse. It's all about being creative with children, fulfilling their needs and challenging them to do it themselves.

RUNNER UP: Good Dirt

510 N. Thomas St. · 706-355-3161