February 27, 2013

Favorite Music 2013

Photo Credit: Porter McLeod

Recording Studio

WINNER: Chase Park Transduction

160 Winston Dr. · 706-227-0680

The perennial favorite. They've been at it for a long time now, helping Athens musicians find the sound they're looking for.

RUNNER UP: The Glow Recording Studio · 706-347-3323

Live Music Venue (Less than 200 Capacity)

WINNER: Caledonia Lounge

256 W. Clayton St. · 706-549-5577

Cram 200 people in tight, and it concentrates the sound and enhances the experience, and explains why musicians like this place as much as the patrons.

RUNNER UP: Flicker Theatre & Bar

263 W. Washington St. · 706-546-0039

Live Music Venue (Over 200 Capacity)

WINNER: Georgia Theatre

215 N. Lumpkin St. · 706-850-7670

The trial by fire of the Georgia Theatre has the happy ending of showing what dedicated determination and understanding the essence of Athens music can bring to an enthusiastic community.

RUNNER UP: 40 Watt Club

285 W. Washington St. · 706-549-7871


Georgia Theatre - Winner: Favorite Live Music Venue (200+ Capacity), Winner: Favorite Place to Watch the Dawgs Play.

Non-traditional Place to See Live Music

WINNER: Farm 255

255 W. Washington St. · 706-549-4660

The Farm has been just as inventive with our ears as it has with our stomachs, providing something different that we didn't know we couldn't do without.

RUNNER UP: Hendershot's Coffee Bar

1560 Oglethorpe Ave. · 706-353-3050