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Calendar Pick: ‘Visions From the Outside’ Reception

Few things are buried as deep into the American post-war subconscious as the UFO. Everyone knows the image, the green men, the saucer. It’s an outdated image, sure, and the Pentagon now insists on calling them UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon), but the UFO seems less like a concrete object and more like a tablet upon which people or groups of people ascribe their fears and wonders of the unknown. Folk artist Howard Finster famously received artistic inspiration in the form of visions from extraterrestrials. The ACC Library will spotlight many folk and self-taught artists who see the UFO as a type of muse through “Visions From the Outside: An Artistic Celebration of The UFO and Other Mysteries.” Artists include Van Alex Burns, Tex Crawford, Charlie Dingler, Lisa Freeman, Sam Granger, Kenneth Greene, Johnny Gordon, P.Z. Hamilton, Allie Hartley, Chris “Chub” Hubbard, Jim Kopp, Eric Legge, Peter Loose, David Metcalfe, Steve Milsap, Kip Ramey, Dan Smith, Suzy Sue Smith and Steve Sweetser. The exhibit is on view from Oct. 2–Nov. 22, with a special presentation on Oct. 9 from Greg Bishop, host of Radio Misterioso and author of Project Beta, A is For Adamski and It Defies Language.

WHO: “Visions From the Outside”
WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 9, 3-5 p.m. *
WHERE: ACC Library

*As of Monday, Oct. 3, the ACC Library is temporarily closed through Saturday, Oct. 8 due to bed bugs. The library plans to reopen for regular hours on Sunday, Oct. 9. Check for updates.