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Eyehategod, Savagist, Apparition

Eyehategod is on the road again, moving at the speed of sludge. Five years have passed since NOLA’s blues-infused hardcore and metal export unleashed 2014’s self-titled album. Recent songs such as “Agitation! Propaganda!”, “Quitter’s Offensive” and “Robitussin and Rejection” are the culmination of 14 years of coping with the death of drummer Joseph LaCaze and picking up the pieces in a post-Katrina landscape. Each of these numbers blends seamlessly with the tormented dirges of 1996’s Dopesick and 2000’s Confederacy of Ruined Lives. Now, drummer Aaron Hill, singer Mike IX Williams and bassist Gary Mader follow guitarist and co-founder Jimmy Bower into an even darker side of Southern murk and miasma.