Calendar Picks

Plein Air Painters Exhibition

Established 20 years ago by Claire Clements, the Plein Air Painters is a group of local artists who meet the second Thursday of each month to seek inspiration in the natural world. Popular destinations range from the gardens of members, Sweet Olive Animal Sanctuary and the Botanical Garden to fields of canola, henbit, soybeans and cotton. Seventeen members will contribute works, including Susie Burch, Dortha Jacobson, Elizabeth Barton, Robert Clements, Margaret Agner, Cheryl Washburn and Nancy Everett. The evening doubles as a reception for a separate pop-up exhibition, which shares artwork by local folk artist Cap Man. In addition to his bottle cap-covered truck that rolls around all over town, Cap Man makes paintings on repurposed wood, often of flowers, chickens and other rural images. Both exhibitions will remain on view through Saturday, Feb. 4.