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Laser Background, co co ri co, Half Acid

The solo project of Philadelphia multi-instrumentalist Andy Molholt—whose excellent 2013 LP, Super Future Montage, was influenced by childhood, Roald Dahl and candy—Laser Background is a vehicle for Molholt to grapple with the ills of the world through music and polish it up with a twee sheen. His latest effort, the three-song Kelly Wisdom EP, finds the songwriter jovially waxing poetic on the human condition over drum machines and fizzy guitars, offering up chunks of insight and truth with a cartoon-like vocal delivery. Athens experimental outfit Half Acid and indie-pop group co co ri co, which features members of Reptar and Muuy Biien, head up Thursday’s bill.

9 p.m. $5 (21+), $7 (18–20).