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Ty Segall, Wand, Shade

Ty Segall’s scuzzy psych-rock accomplishes a rare feat: It sounds like it could’ve been made a half-century ago and yet seems almost devoid of nostalgia. To put it another way, it sounds kind of like what your dad used to listen to, but if he were to listen now, he wouldn’t get it. Or, better yet, if Richard Linklater were to make a sequel to Dazed and Confused that, for whatever reason, was set in the year 2014, he could use Segall’s latest LP, Manipulator, as the soundtrack. Listen to Segall’s music and you will become convinced the electric guitar is the coolest thing in the world and distortion pedals are the second coolest. You will think that you, too, are cool for listening—and you’ll be right.

8 p.m. $12.