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Chain & the Gang, Muuy Biien, Tunabunny

“Yeah, package me, baby/ Try to put me in a bottle or a can,” Ian Svenonius sings in falsetto on “We Can’t Be Contained,” a 1997 song by his gospel-tinged former band The Make-Up. Svenonius is now the charismatic, impeccably dressed, impossibly coifed frontman for Washington, D.C. garage-rockers Chain & the Gang. Once named Sassy magazine’s sassiest boy in America, he’s spent the past 25 years subverting rock and roll tropes while at the same time celebrating them. But it’s not all deconstructionist gimmicks: the music’s pretty great, too. As an added bonus, Muuy Biien opens in what might be one of the band’s last local shows before two members decamp to Atlanta.