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Clarke’s Standard Is Open Downtown

Photo Credit: Clarke’s Standard

After a couple of months of revamping, the restaurant that was previously The Branded Butcher (charcuterie, adventurous more high-end dining), next to the Georgia Theatre on Lumpkin Street downtown, is open in its new version, as Clarke’s Standard.

The idea behind the revision seems to be to target students more than older folks, who don’t go out as much. Instead of things the kids don’t recognize or want to pay for, it has burgers and avocado toast. That doesn’t mean it won’t be good, but it does mean it’s a bit less envelope-pushing.

Cocktails and craft beer are a point of emphasis, plus four different kinds of waffles for dessert. Other items on the menu include a few different hot dogs (slaw dog, bratwurst), a bunch of burgers (including a build-your-own version), salads (quinoa, Waldorf, Caesar, chopped), fries (with cheese sauce, creme fraiche and bacon), onion rings, spinach dip, pimiento goat cheese and (yay!) a Scotch egg, always one of the best things on the Butcher’s menu.

The hours are 11 a.m.–2 a.m. every day except Sunday, when it’s open 11 a.m.–midnight.