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Cinco y Diez is Closed

Photo Credit: Photo via Facebook

It’s been a long time since there was a closing that hit me this hard, but, as of the end of service last night, Cinco y Diez is no more.

After Flagpole received a tip that the locks on the building were being changed, Hugh Acheson confirmed that the restaurant is officially out of business and that the future of the building is in Melissa Clegg’s hands. He also said he doesn’t know what chef Whitney Otawka’s plans are, but that he loved what she was doing.

Sometimes being ahead of one’s time means the audiences just aren’t there to support a concept, and that’s a super sad thing. I ate at the restaurant four times and had not a single mediocre experience. (Read Flagpole‘s review here.)

Short of Todd Gurley’s suspension, this is the worst news for Athens in a good while. Here’s hoping the excellent servers, manager, bar folks, kitchen and, maybe most of all, pastry kitchen spread their talents throughout Athens instead of departing for the big city. They were all doing fine work.