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Hendershot’s Starts Real Food, Groucho’s is Open

One of the things that made the move of Hendershot’s a net positive was the coffee shop/bar’s acquisition of a real kitchen. A food menu was in place before, but it was limited. Now Ivey Hughes can stretch out and expand. That new menu starts today, with lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Facebook page says, “We have something for everybody, whatever free you need, gluten free, meat free, veggie free, but definitely not taste free, huh huh. Come check it out…just eat!”

Plus, although the bar is set up and ready to serve you a nice pint of Boulevard Wheat Ale or mix you a drink with some weird but interesting Tanqueray Malacca (hints of elderflower make it a sweeter, more floral gin), it’s set to start doing some more interesting cocktails real soon.

Unrelated: Groucho’s Deli opened its doors last week on Baxter, just in time for what has no doubt been a giant rush of folks moving into the dorms and buying futons and area rugs across the street. Sammiches and such.