Culture Briefs

Steve Sweetser Installs “Venus Flower of Love” in Cobbham Triangle Park

Steve Sweetser installing “Venus Flower of Love”

Over the past two years since its inception, the Cobbham Triangle Park has established itself as a popular spot to gather and soak up both sunshine and public art. Last week, local artist Steve Sweetser donated and installed a towering new sculpture, “Venus Flower of Love.” His work joins sculptures by fellow metal artists Harold Rittenberry and Doug Makemson, as well as a mosaic wall by Krysia Ara and granite chess and ping-pong tables by Stan Mullins. The ginormous flower is an appropriate fit for the art park, which features a colorful Connect to Protect pollinator garden that promotes the use of native plants and is overseen by the Ladies’ Garden Club that was founded in the Cobbham neighborhood over a century ago. 

A retired pipe-fitter by trade who learned to weld in the Army, Sweetser has been creating sculptural works for roughly a decade. Earlier this year, he debuted a 12-foot-tall kinetic sculpture named “Tree of Oneta” at the historic Southern Mill complex that was commissioned to commemorate W&A Engineering’s 20th anniversary and recent rehabilitation of its 118-year-old building. Like the “Tree of Oneta,” “Venus Flower of Love” demonstrates Sweetser’s clever knack for repurposing found metals, transforming well-pressure tanks, a silver bread basket and slices of bicycle chrome into a beautiful blossom.

Jessica Smith Steve Sweetser installing “Venus Flower of Love”