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Opening in Athens: Fury, The Book of Life and More

Here’s what’s new on the big screen this weekend:

FURY (R; showtimes): AKA Brad Pitt in a tank. And also Shia LeBeouf. Still, David Ayer has my attention after End of Watch and Sabotage. Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Jon Bernthal (AMC’s “The Walking Dead”) join Pitt and Shia in the tank. I doubt this flick will be an award-winner, but it looks to be an old-fashioned, manly war movie.

THE BEST OF ME (PG-13; showtimes): Ummm… it’s a new Nicholas Sparks adaptation. You know if you’re interested.

THE BOOK OF LIFE (PG; showtimes): Will this odd, animated picture be as good as The Boxtrolls? It does boast Guillermo del Toro as producer (though FX’s underwhelming ’90s throwback “The Strain” may have dirtied his name), and it does look like the entertaining video game Guacamelee. Also, Channing Tatum is underrated for his comedy. Nevertheless, something about the trailer has me not excited.

LIFE ITSELF (R; showtimes): The well-received documentary about stalwart film critic Roger Ebert may have had a tough time after its summer release date, but should find its audience now that it’s hit art houses and streaming services. With Oscar nominee Steve James (Hoop Dreams, which you must see if you haven’t) at the helm, this doc should be better than your run-of-the-mill cinematic biography.