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Is It OK to Hook Up in a Pandemic?

Hey Bonita!

I know I’m not the only one, but my life changed a lot when COVID hit. I’m in sales, and my job used to have me traveling a lot around North Georgia to keep up client relationships and make new ones, personally delivering orders sometimes, stuff like that. Well, I’m not doing my job like that anymore, and now we handle pretty much everything online with our clients and orders, and it was a big change, but I am honestly enjoying it. The type of sales I do requires me to be really sociable and indulgent to a business’s needs, and that used to include doing a little bit of wining and dining of clients if we saw fit. Nothing outrageous, but I do miss taking folks out to breweries and stuff like that. I guess I didn’t realize how outgoing I was until it stopped being a requirement of my job. I still have good sales numbers, and I love my job a lot, but lately I’ve been dreaming of the return to in-person work. (And yes, I will be getting vaccinated as soon as I can figure out how.)

Here’s the real issue: I really miss traveling and face-to-face work because I could get laid really easily. I am an honorable salesman, though. I have never flirted with a client to make a sale, but instead I would “pull” a sexy local girl with the intention of just having a fun night wherever I was. I use Tinder some, but what I enjoy most is meeting someone new and seeing where it goes, live and in person. I pretty much deleted all of my dating apps when the pandemic first hit because I didn’t think it was worth the risk, and here we are a year later, and it still doesn’t seem like a good idea to “go fishing” on the floor of a crowded downtown bar. Plus, I like meeting people out of town because it’s less complicated after. I just hope that soon enough people are vaccinated (myself included) that we can go back to our normal ways of living.

What do I do in the meantime? I’ll just say it: I need to get laid! I wanna go out and meet someone, have our fun and that’s that, but I’m not dumb enough to think I can do that in these current times.  


Sex-Positive Salesman

Hey there, Salesman,

DANG, boo! Wanna switch careers with me? I wish my line of work came with guaranteed opportunities for cruising! I love your sex-positive attitude, and I assume that you are open and honest with your partners when it comes to your approach to casual sex. I feel like I should congratulate you on being happy and enjoying your job and knowing what you want!

The dating apps are all poppin’ like the club right now, and DM-sliding is rampant among the lusty masses. You’re right that there’s a risk involved with meeting anyone in person right now, but it’s a risk you have to be willing to take if you’re really trying to have sex during a pandemic. The only way to guarantee non-exposure would be to sleep only with women who have been in strict isolation after a negative COVID-19 test. I suspect they would be hard to come by, but you should ask questions and at least make sure that your potential dates aren’t anti-maskers or types who put others at risk for their own pleasure.  

I think you already have the best idea in mind, and that is to get vaccinated as soon as you can. As of Mar. 15, the state of Georgia is only vaccinating health-care workers, other first responders, residents and staff of long-term care facilities, adults over 55 and those with certain medical conditions, K-12 educators and staff, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers, and parents of children with complex medical conditions. Those groups may or may not include traveling salespersons or randy advice columnists, so hold tight for your turn, and go ahead and start flirting with a few babes over an app. You can find women who prefer your same no-strings arrangement by being clear about that in your dating profiles. Good luck!

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