Didi Dunphy

Not only a working local artist, Didi Dunphy is the owner of Modern Convenience, LLC and designer of its “Recess” line of art-hybrid play furnishings. Her work ranges from indoor skateboards, see-saws and swings to multi-media works, all with an eye toward incorporating art, design and an interactive notion of play.

On the Athens art scene:

For a working professional artist, Athens provides the time and ease of production to dream up any project. I have a wonderful network of fabricators who always seem interested in manufacturing something a bit outside the regular—such as my upholsterer who does sofas and… skateboards! It’s great to be able to keep my work locally made.

On the Athens art community:

I am a member of a design collective [ADD: Athens Design Development], so I personally work with five others who are trained in different fields within the art and design world. We banded together because we felt that the group could make something bigger than the individual. I also believe that the Athens artist, by means of survival, wears many hats; thus, not just myself, but others, gain the necessary exposure to the culture that is so important for any artist’s dialogue. The art scene here is full of engaged talent who, through their travels, bring back enthusiasms and encouragements.

On Athens’ art spaces:

Although there are few official gallery spaces, in my adventures I have found that almost any scenario or site is possible for art and design installations here in town. My favorite place to see art is in an unexpected and unusual place. Locally, I support and enjoy all art spaces, as we always need more. I have curated a show at ATHICA, attended openings at Trace Gallery, exhibited at Ciné… and, the university and its young talent is always a fave.