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The Shoal Creek Stranglers, The Orange Twin Family Band

The thing that separates the Gypsy Farm crew from the various other musical collectives around town is its members’ staunch reverence for their source material. The Shoal Creek Stranglers, which features Zeke Sayer and Matthew Garrison of psychobilly outfit The Humms and plays the sort of unadorned and unassuming folk that might have emanated from local front porches 50 or even 100 years ago, is perhaps the most obvious example. Though they’re known to rock hard on the weekends, Sayer and Garrison are both steeped in Southern music heritage, and in this stripped-down iteration they are equally at home performing for aged church folk and house-show hipsters. It’s a testament both to the timelessness of the music they perform and their own personal commitment to it that both crowds respond in kind.