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David Basham’s Other 40th Birthday Party and Secret Doorman’s Ball

David Basham is a familiar and friendly face for anyone who’s been to a show at the 40 Watt, and the club’s esteemed manager celebrates a milestone birthday with a wide-ranging and star-studded show at his hallowed stomping grounds. It’ll be headlined by the spastic, groove-driven rock of Atlanta crew Baby Baby, whose live show is a regional thing of legend. (That group’s new album, Big Boy Baller Club, should be out soon.) Perennial Flagpole Athens Music Award hip hop winners Mad Axes will do the damn thing, as will unstoppable folk-punks Werewolves and the suddenly ubiquitous Monsoon. Comedians Andy Hollingsworth and Luke Fields will keep all y’all entertained between sets. That’s a whole lotta fun right there. And—holy mackerel—it’s FREE!