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Future Ape Tapes, Divine Circles/Lunar Creature, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Grant Evans, Rainy Taxi


Photo Credit: Ohia Photo

Divine Circles/Lunar Creature

As Divine Circles, Asheville, NC’s Meghan Mulhearn takes violin music to an otherworldly level, incorporating loops, electronics and droning patterns, among other dreamy diversions. On Mulhearn’s recent cassette split with fellow Ashvillian act Villages, released on local cult label Hooker Vision, she evokes a doomier, gloomier Steve Reich. Mulhearn’s husband David James Lynch performs moody, guitar-based music under the Lunar Creature moniker; the two will team up for a collaborative set at Ciné. Hooker Vision proprietors Grant and Rachel Evans will each perform—his eponymous project centers on dark, dense abstraction, while her exquisite experimentalism is lighter and more synth-based. Free jazz duo Rainy Taxi opens, and post-everything wasteland soundtrackers Future Ape Tapes close out an unmissable night.