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Iron Lung, Shaved Christ, Harsh Words, Burnt Books

Drag your weekend-addled corpse downtown for an adrenaline-fueled Sunday night punk showcase featuring a bunch of bands with two-word names, including noisy local favorites Shaved Christ, those hardworking dudes that seem to singlehandedly support Athens’ hardcore/house-show scene. As for the other acts, experimental-minded Columbia, SC group Burnt Books is a post-metal, freak-rocking powerhouse featuring members of defunct hardcore mainstays Guyana Punch Line. Not much is known about brand new local band Harsh Words, but the info that is available bodes well; the group features members of Gripe, Shaved Christ and the late, beloved punk outfit American Cheeseburger. Semi-legendary West Coast powerviolence progenitors Iron Lung deliver minute-long bursts that alternate between freakish blast-beat energy and ugly, sludgy breakdowns.