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Menu Details for the Georgia Theatre Restaurant

Yesterday’s blog post brought you some news about the folks behind The Branded Butcher (including chef Matt Palmerlee) taking over operation of the restaurant on the Georgia Theatre’s rooftop. After we managed to get partner Jason Ellis on the phone, he ran down the timetable and a good chunk of what the menu of the new place will include.

Finally, it’ll have a name, The Rooftop by the Branded Butcher, which, as Ellis pointed out, was what everyone would be calling it anyway (fair point). The grand opening is set for Apr. 2, with a soft opening preceding it (perhaps as early as next Wednesday). Hours will generally be from 11:30 a.m. until the Theatre closes, although sold-out shows, as ever, call for special situations and may result in the general public not being allowed upstairs.

The menu has, indeed, strong similarities to that of its big sibling, with a focus on house-cured meats and ingredients sourced from local suppliers but a more casual basket-oriented, picnic-style presentation. Ellis mentioned a housemade bratwurst, a cheese dog (spli and served Chicago style), a burger, smoked pork shoulder, BBQ pork sandwiches and tacos (plus smoked tofu and a different kind of tofu filling the tacos, for a veggie option), the veggie banh mi Palmerlee instituted at Farm Cart back in the day, salads made with local lettuces, a deviled egg sampler platter, pork rings, the pimento goat cheese from downstairs (which is delicious), fried chicken skins, a local antipasto spread and some specials that will be phased in slowly.