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House Committee: Guns on Campus, but Not Bars

Flagpole‘s cover story this week is about House Bill 512, a measure that would allow gun permit holders to carry their weapons into churches, bars and government buildings and on campus.

It now appears that House Republicans are backing off their contention that letting lushes shoot Stoli while strapped is a good idea. 

Yesterday, a House committee took up Senate Bill 201, sponsored by Sen. Frank Ginn (R-Danielsville), which would allow holders of permits from other states carry guns in Georgia—regardless of whether those states’ rules are more lax than our own. While the Senate sits on HB 512, the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee amended SB 201 to allow guns on college campuses, but not bars, and require churches to opt in rather than opt out.

Ginn, while favoring guns on campus but opposing guns in bars, is also carrying the downtown grocery store bill, HB 517, in the Senate. That bill would let ACC remove restrictions on selling retail beer and wine near college campuses. The AJC‘s Jim Galloway notes the irony.