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Joel Rosenburg Mural Reception

Visible as you head towards downtown on Oconee Street, a vibrant mural designed by local painter Joel Rosenburg now adorns the exterior of St. Udio, a custom design, fabrication and installation company. Mike Harboldt, who co-owns the new metalworks studio with Andrew Flage, attended Lamar Dodd with Rosenburg and approached him after seeing an 11-foot mural he created at the Chase Park Warehouses. For this project, which took 26 days and over 160 hours to complete, Rosenburg decided to bring the studio’s mascot, a fictional patron saint, to larger-than-life dimensions, spanning the entire 14’ by 28’ wall. “I wanted to create St. Udio, the patron saint of the studio. An old man deformed like Hephaestus—as colossal as the Colossus of Constantine or a Buddha carved from a mountainside—locked inside his studio, working into the night, surrounded by what he makes,” says Rosenberg. “He creates his own hidden light and is weathered by it. St. Udio is perpetually caught in the exact moment of creation, like a prayer.” The reception is an opportunity to meet Rosenburg and see the mural’s details up close.

St. Udio · 7–9 p.m. · FREE!