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“Hibernation” Opening Reception

After a five-year hiatus from exhibiting artwork, self-taught painter and illustrator Matt Blanks is making his comeback with a collection of all-new pieces in “Hibernation.” While Blanks previously spent over a decade participating in multiple shows each year at various show spaces, “Hibernation” marks a new exhibition approach and serves as the first installment of what will develop into an artist-in-residence series held every August at Flicker. He says, “If I had any advice for people that were just starting back, it would be to not get too attached to the first things you make. I started painting last fall, and by the start of this year I had scrapped everything I had done. I see those first pieces as practice, and I’m really happy with the work that I’m ready to show.” Live music by Four Eyes and Brothers will begin at 10 p.m., and the artwork will be on display through August. The opening is free and kicks off at 8 p.m.