(UPDATED with Casper & the Cookies Tribute) Remembering Bill Doss: One Year Later

One year ago today, we got the word that Bill Doss had passed away. Shortly after, we sent out a call for tributes and remembrances, and were immediately flooded with stories from those who knew Doss best. Read those here.

Last month at the Flagpole Athens Music Awards, the remaining members of Olivia Tremor Control paid tribute to their fallen friend with riveting versions of “A Sunshine Fix” and “Love Athena.” Watch video of that performance here.

Press play below and take a second to jam to “Age of the Sun,” a song Doss penned for The Sunshine Fix. It’s a sunny, defiantly buoyant tune that perfectly captures its creator’s inimitable lust for life.

UPDATE: Local pop crew Casper & the Cookies recorded a spare and psychedelic tribute to Doss yesterday. Stream it below.